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Bite Sized Organizing for Working People

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Let's face it, being a working person, the target of the day is....getting home to a peaceful ambience. So, once you reach home, you do not want to sit in a mayhem of clutter all around you.

Maybe we all need a magic wand to get us through this!

Enter.....5 bite sized organizing tips

1. One touch rule

Everything in your home, should have a home of it's own. Ranging from the smallest pin to the largest of the quilts, everything needs to have a dedicated space allocated to it. So when something is not in it's place, it should not be jumping around from your bed to the sofa to the dining table and back to your bed.

Hence, the "One Touch Rule" implies that when you find something not in it's place, you should only be touching or lifting it once. That is, to keep it back in it's dedicated place.

2. Declutter on the move

Going to the bedroom after watching TV in your living room? Pick that book from the coffee table and take it with you to keep it in the book case in your bedroom.

Anything and everything that needs to be moved from one room to the other, can be done while moving around the house. You do not need to dedicate time specially to do it.

Help your family members develop this habit too. It will really help you in the long run. Sharing the load is always a good idea.

3. Have a 'miscellaneous basket' in the most used room

Do you have kids who keep moving everything around the house? Keep a basket in the room that is most used by everyone in the house. Whenever you find something that does not belong to that room, just toss it in to that basket.

Before retiring for the day, all you got to do is, pick that basket and keep the things in it, back into the respective rooms.

4. Do not try to micro-organize

There is only so much that one person can do. While you might have designed a highly intrinsic system to manage things and stay organized, not all your family members may be on board with the idea.

Do not fret, if your spouse just picked your aforementioned book from the coffee table and not put it in the alphabetical system that you had planned for your mini library. The book reached the book case and that is what matters the most.

5. Put the house to sleep before going to bed

Dedicate 10 minutes to clear all the horizontal surfaces in your house, before you retire for the day. This way, you will not be overwhelmed when you wake up in the morning. You can enjoy your morning coffee in peace, before you kickstart another hectic day!

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