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Tidy Closet

Story of SortStory

Hostel wardrobes meant 'a cluttered space' for many, but not for the founder of SortStory (TM) Smriti Bhatia. For her, every item in a space is like a piece of a jigsaw, which has to have it's own place in the puzzle. After moving multiple homes, she realized that she got excited at the challenge of organizing and setting up a new space always. She would always prefer packing her own boxes and after the move, would have the place settled in the next 3-4 days itself. Friends would often call her before their home shifting, asking her to keep her days free because she would have to help them with their move too.

Hence, with years of experience in decluttering and organizing spaces for herself and her friends, she finally curated the idea of SortStory to take this up professionally. She left her career in the fashion industry to became a Certified Professional Organizer and help people Sort their Stories.

The principle on which SortStory functions is, "Everything should have a home of it's own."

*Stats show that people spend close to 12 days in a year looking for things which they know that they own but cannot find.

The idea of a 'clutter-free and sorted space' is finding it's meaning with people gradually.

While the idea of decluttering is quite lucrative, a lot of people find it overwhelming and do not know where to begin. That is where we come in because getting it done professionally would mean a faster execution of the idea and an improved productivity for you.

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